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    Hi Everyone,
    I have been asked to find out if any club members would be interested in parading their 1100Rs during the intervals between the track sessions at Cadwell Park on 3rd and 4th August. There is no charge. If you are interested please email me,, and I will send further information.


    i’ll be doing the sessions on mine…:D


    i would like to go, but cant commit until after Mallory


    Hi Everyone.
    Copy of email with more details.

    Evening Michael,
    as promised a brief run down on the weekend.
    As you know we are running the Practical sportsbike and Classic bike
    burn up back to back on the 3rd and 4th of August at Cadwell park.
    The days are aimed at fans with what we all see as classics with out
    the testosterone filled days of a normal trackday.
    Both magazines are with us all weekend on and off track so you will get
    plenty of chance to talk to them.
    We have a band on Saturday night(The high Rollers) who are a well known
    quality covers band,there is also a band on on Friday night for those
    camping all weekend that has been put on by Cadwell.
    We are also asking clubs to turn up and just join in perhaps put on a
    display as not every one wants to ride on track although we do have free
    lunchtime parades for the clubs and those that just want to bimble
    round,we could do with knowing numbers though.The idea behind this is to
    develop the social side of our trackdays where hopefully people will put
    the dates in to their summer(what summer)diary and we can build on these
    to put on something a little different that involves all.
    It would be great to have the Cb1100r owners club there along with any
    other clubs who wish to turn up.
    there is actually one 11r(honda not Kwack) on track.
    There are now no places left for Saturday but for the Sunday burn up
    there are,camping is £10.00 on Friday and £5.00 on Saturday which is to
    pay for security on site(cadwells charge not ours),the Bands are free as
    are the parades.
    Please pass this on to the clubs you are involved in and i hope you can
    make it,op being all well and we will get you out on a parade on the
    If you need to know more please ring or mail

    Thanks Rob and Darin
    07971 535 859 Rob
    07971424 472 Darin
    08451 25 26 46 cheap rate office number and email is


    I have been asked to clarify that it is only the track sessions that are full on Saturday, parade laps are still available on both Saturday and Sunday.


    please can you put me down for the parade laps on saturday only, i will be using my Haslam replica RB



    This event was 2013. Sadly there were no takers as far as I recall. Coudl anyone find out if anything is happening this year ?


    @1100rAdmin 2816 wrote:


    This event was 2013.

    bugger, i should have gone to specsavers before i read it !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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