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    I dread these words when my wife says them, but “I’ve been thinking…….”
    I have to replace the battery in my D (only 3.5 y old not happy) and have never been comfortable with the size. It is the DEKA ETX15L 190CCA.
    The CBX now has a monster ETX18 300 CCA and I did have a …20 270 CCA in it (which is actually smaller physically as well as CCAs). Looking at the dimensions these are all similar W and H but vary in Length. The 15 is 134mm, whereas the 20 is 177mm and the 18 is 206mm. Good enough to fit into the R box but obviously too long.
    There appears to be enough room each side when you look between the inside of the seat base and the electrical bits at each end of the box to be able to get a longer battery in. The 18 is a bit too much I feel, but the 20 is only 43mm longer.
    My thought is to get another box (off a 900?) and cut and paste so the length goes out each end to accommodate the ETX20. I am sure the extra amps will help any starting issues too.
    Has anyone done something along these lines? Thanks


    Seems a lot of effort Brian. Normally AGM batteries, of which your DEKA is one I think, turn the motors of these bikes over fine. I have a “Motobat” AGM in my RC at the moment and it is coming up to 5 years old and still performs brilliantly with no charging over the winter months here in the UK required. Other AGM batteries I have used over the years, Hawker for example, have been equally long lived. 3.5 years life is not typical of these type of batteries in my experience. You may just have a Friday afternoon battery.


    Thanks Andy. There’s that dirty word again – effort. I might keep an eye out for a box and look at it a a little project down the track.

    Yes, I’ve normally had a good run with AGM batteries too, the original in my CBX was 8 or 9 years old when it was replaced.
    Anyhow, I went to the shop yesterday with the battery and my receipt and had a chat to them about it. I discovered (before I went to the shop) from the date stamp on the base of the battery that it was 2.5 years old when I bought it! Now it is 6 years old, it was probably getting close to expiring anyway. So they were sympathetic to my evidence they did a deal on a Motobatt at trade price (about half that of the Deka), so I’m happy for now. Going for a ride today.


    So a good result then after a bit of detective work. Enjoy the ride.


    I have been using Motobatt batteries on my 3 CB1100F Hondas for 4 years now, when i bought my first CB1100RC 2 years ago i fitted a Motobatt, and the RC i bought last year had a Wiseco 1123 piston kit fitted and that starts easily,

    All my bikes have the Yamaha R6 starter clutch mod fitted and this helps greatly



    Thanks for that info on the Motobatt Keith. I have the OEM starter clutch fitted, but have a R6 conversion (from Cary Shufelt? – 1100F site) on standby.

    Trevor Hughes

    I’ve had an Odyssey PC310 fitted in my RB since 2005. The dimensions, length and width fit well within the standard battery box if you remove the plastic cushion, while the hight is considerably less than the standard battery. I extended the connection leads and fitted the battery in the bottom of the box but others have fitted packing under the battery. My battery has never been charged and I’ve never had starting problems due to battery after a winter off road.

    These batteries in the UK now retail around £120 while in 2005 I paid £85. At that time I purchased 2 and they gave me a little discount due to them being delivered to one address.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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