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    MOT for the RC tomorrow, so had a quick check over of the old girl this afternoon. Should sail through hopefully.
    Checking my records I noticed that the battery currently fitted, a Hawker SB8 is now in its 10th year of use. Never been charged except by the bike and often stood for well over a year without use. Brilliant stuff and I can not recommend these type of batteries enough. I think they are now marketed by several companies as AGM type batteries.

    My advice, get one if not already hooked on them.

    Andy J


    Hi Andy,
    Mine is going strong after 6 years with the same treatment as yours and all for less than twice the price of a standard battery.



    Please put the details of these up on the website in the Garage Tips & Tricks section. There’s likely a few members who don’t know about these so would be great to have this information to be shared once and for all..

    Trevor Hughes

    Graham and I purchased Odyssey PC310 at the same time in 2005 because the company offered us a little discount. When I first saw the batteries I was very sceptical due mainly to the small size (about half the size of a lead acid equivalent). However on the recommendation of the supplier I changed the battery leads to leads with 4mm terminals and fitted the battery in the bottom of the battery box. Like the others my battery has not been charged since, even though the bike sits for 6 months at a time without use.

    Good timesicon14.png


    Hi all,
    Just to let you know that I have just purchased a glass type battery (sealed) for one of my other bikes.
    But it’s the same size as the odyssey battery.(that we fit in our 1100Rs) Its made by moto batt and is around £50.00 and is bright
    yellow so you won’t trip over it whe you put it on the garage floor.
    It also has top and side conectors and is sold by Wemoto.
    The price for the odyssey battery is now £107.00 so at under half price it’s maybe a good option
    Cheers Gary.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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