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    I recently rejoined the club after a mere 20 year absence.

    To keep it short my CB1100RC crankcase has ended up with a broken starter idler hub and it looks like it’s not easily fixable.

    New cases aren’t readily available for CB1100R’s and they rarely get broken for spares. My bike has fairly low mileage at 22K and it seems too good to end up at a motorcycle ‘knacker’s yard’.

    Does anyone know of a Honda case that can be used as an alternative to the regular one? The case I have is an SC 08 type. Secondhand CB900F cases from early ’80’s models are readily available here in Belgium but I have no idea if they are a good alternative.

    Assuming that the above will somehow be sorted out, does anyone know of a paint that matches the gold on the alternator housing and the red on the frame?

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Stephen, I’m sure that starter boss could be welded and repaired. Yes you could rebuild the motor into SC01 cases after widening the case aperture to take the bigger bore size but then you’ll have a mongrel with what looks like a 900F engine fitted.
    You’ll need a machine shop in either case so my suggestion would repair and keep it original and hold its value.
    Cheers.. Glenn

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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