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    Hi Folks More problems I am afraid,when my shocks where stripped to be painted ,all I got back was the shock ,Spring and cover everything else is missing and the site I was looking for replacement parts on is sold out of most of the bits I need AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Any ideas where I would get the bits I need would be appreciated http://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cb1100rb-ii-franceenglandgermanyhollandgeneral-export_model8283/partslist/F26.html#results I need parts 5,6,7,11,13,14,15



    As you can see from the CMS website, the mounting bolt, washer and nuts are still available. The sticker can be had from the decal company in Canada whose name escapes me at the moment. Most of the other parts can be cannibalised from the CB1100F rear shocks (I think they used the same on the later model 900F too) although I think the seat spring may be different.

    All is not lost!



    Hi Andy
    Got sorted all parts coming from Dude in Netherlands all except stickers that is,engine going back in frame tonite ,wish me luck lol


    Decals can be obtained from http://www.reproductiondecals.com in Canada.


    Hi Folks
    Another trauma im afraid ,the joys of having bike looked at.by different people ,the engine bolt M10X295 No 18.in shematic is missing any ideas where i can source one,things at a stanstill until.i can?
    Cheers Wes

    Trevor Hughes

    @AndyJ 2508 wrote:

    Decals can be obtained from http://www.reproductiondecals.com in Canada.

    Hi Wes
    As Andy has said Reproduction Decals have most decals available for the CB1100R. Even if they don’t have the decal you require then they will work with the damaged remains or pictures you may have to reproduce what is needed. I spent some time sending them all decals I had and they have now put together CB1100R sets or you can purchase single decals if you require. Use the link below to see what they have but please be aware they are concerned over copyright issues with Honda Canada hence they don’t show Honda Decals on their website. I would therefore ask we respect that and don’t share this link outside of club members.


    I’ve just checked this link myself and it appears the decal you require is listed as an RC decal but take a look.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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