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    Hi anyone, I’m a fresh new member (officially from yesterday) and apparently the only Italian in here
    I bought my first RD (and my first Honda actually, always had yamaha – 3 at the moment) this summer in the south of Italy, and I’m still waiting to have it delivered in Rome
    it’s in quite poor condition, a lot of work to do, but the price was too good to resist so I will need a lot of help from you guys, also ’cause here in italy there are not so many.
    here few pics

    terrible paintwork, a lot of rust and so on…already got the original exhaust and looking for the seat hump (does anyone has a spare one?)

    in the meanwhile allow me thank Steve for his availability
    hope to have the chance to see you soon somewhere, as my girlfriend is living in Slough/london I may have a trip up there sooner or later



    Welcome to the world of Rs Niccolo. Have fun with the old girl.

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Niccolo

    Welcome to R world. It looks like you have found a good project there.


    HI Nick,

    Welcome to the Club. Great to have someone flying the Italian flag in the Club now. I’ll be setting up an Italian events page so your flag will be there
    with all the rest.




    Ciao Niccolò,

    Benvenuto al club!

    Well done on getting your 1100R – my RC was an Italian model so you’re not alone.

    I’m glad that you gained access to the site and I hope we get to meet you soon.

    Have you ever thought of organising an 1100R International meet in Italia? Now that would be fun!

    I’ll keep an eye out for a seat hump for you.




    Thanks everyone for your welcome, nice to be here

    about a meeting in Itay that would be great and if you’re really interested in the next future I can help organizing it.

    Andy if you can help with the hump I’d appreciate, also cause I’m to repaint the fairings and I need the hump to paint together with the other parts…

    see you soon!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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