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    Hi. Well I have had the bike for a year now. Its has done 60,000 miles and seems ok…ish. The noise coming out of the engine at very low idle is LOAD, say under 1000rpm. I am hoping it is just clutch rattle and not the drive chain. Reduces when warm and not too bad at 1200rpm. Ok so the carbs probably need balancing. Is this common? I have seen one running on Utube and that does the same. Is there a mod to the clutch to be done or do I live with it? I am taking it to Mallory Park in July so it will get a beating there plus journey from and back to Bexhill, South coast.

    Also do you have to remove the crank to put a new cam chain on? I replaced the one on my CBX 5,000 miles ago with a link.

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi James

    The CB1100R always has some clutch rattle usually nothing to worry about. There are a few modifications that have been tried. One of our members has produced a kit to replace the rubbers in the basket and I’ve seen on another site a replacement clutch pusher for the 1100F and RD models, however I’ve not tried either so could not comment.

    I believe it is possible to get a cam chain with a soft link but again something I’ve not tried.

    You mention Mallory in July. Are you planning to attend the Festival 1000 bikes as a club member? We have 4 members going on the track on Saturday 7th and many other members will be there Saturday and/or Sunday in the “Avenue of bikes”. This is always a good weekend with great entertainment on Saturday evening. If you would like to come and display your bike the club have limited free ticket available. Priority will be given to those displaying CB1100R’s. Please let me know.




    When you replace the rubbers in your clutch basket the rattle will be gone.
    The rubber dampers are 30 years old and they don,t work anymore.
    A new set rubbers is much better for your engine specially your gear box will be very happy with this cheap modification.
    You can do this modification yourself, instructions are coming with the damper set.
    My R,s are running much better after replacing the dampers.


    Hi TrevH
    Thanks for the info. Yes I am booked in for the 1000 bikes. I am arriving with some CBX guys so was not palnning to exibit. Would be good to meet you guys though so I will make a B line for your location. Wave me down if you see me!

    Trevor Hughes

    It will be great to meet up James and you will be very welcome on the club stand either with or without your R.


    I have made a few you tube films of the clutch rattle,
    The bike is my own RB.
    first film is with old hardened dampers.
    second film is with new dampers, you can hear that the bike runs a lot smoother with the new ones.

    i can bring some dampers to the swiss meeting to show the difference between new and old.


    Hi WoutV
    How much is a set of the rubbers posted to Newcastle NSW Australia 2287 cost?
    Terry Cook


    PM sent to you Terry.

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