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    Looking for some advice.
    Bike has not been ridden for some time (just over a year).

    Balanaced carbs and and it now runs very smoothly BUT.

    When I put it in gear with clutch in its stalls and jumps forward like th clutch is not in.

    run it on the pit stand and it changes gear up and down the box fine with engine running. But if I pull the clutch in and put rear brake On it stalls.

    advice please.


    Stephen, this sometimes happens when the bike is not used for a long time, the clutch plates stick together and no amount of trying to get it in gear frees them

    You will have to strip the clutch and separate the plates, not a difficult job as long as you have a tool to undo the clutch nut

    You will also need a new cover gasket as these normally break taking them off



    I’ve not worked on the clutch how difficult is this?.

    i though it was this but hoping not.

    thanks Keith

    Trevor Hughes

    I had the same problem on a CB400/4. At that time I put the front wheel against a wall and dropped it in gear this can be risky but it worked on the 400. As Keith said the best way is to take the clutch apart.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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