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    pair of NOS Superdream footrests just sold for £98 on ebay
    the world is going mad (or I am)


    Hi Paul,suppose you are in need of that special part what normally costs 40,= and something like this appears what would you do!?
    In comparison to the cb750 four for 92000,= euro!
    There are people that pay the money,so what is the value of parts imo what they pay for it.

    Trevor Hughes

    Paul why are you looking at Superdream parts?

    I had a Superdream 250 and then 400, so when I wanted to buy my 900 I told my dad it was just a big Superdream.


    I passed my test on a superdream and have fond memories of travelling 15 miles a day each way to work on it in all weathers,best selling bike of the time apparently
    I was only using the footrests as an indicator of the way prices seem to be going for bikes and parts from a certain era-even one as common as these were

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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