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    Honda CB1100R international meeting 2020.
    The meeting will take place from 12 to 15 June 2020 in Lunteren Netherlands.
    Every R owner is cordially invited to attend this meeting.
    The organizers will do their best to make it a super weekend.
    The location of the meeting is:


    More information will follow in 2019.
    It is possible to stay for 2 nights or for 3 nights.
    We have booked the accomodation for 3 nights.
    We hope to see you all friends.


    Good stuff. I hope to be there Wout.


    Hello to all our R-friends from all over the world.
    The next International R-meeting is planned to take place in the Netherlands in June 2020.
    We have found a very nice location in the middle of Holland and there is space enough for everybody so please do try to plan to come and join us all at the event.
    Our goal is to create a world record by bringing together 75 CB1100Rs together in Holland.
    The meeting starts on the friday afternoon and we have booked the accommodation till monday morning, so you can stay 1 night more as usual if you prefer.
    There are some smaller rooms for couples available.
    We have already plans for a nice ride out on the saturday and a shorter one on the sunday.
    Saturday evening we will have a BBQ with plenty of food and beer for you all.
    Our guest speaker and entertainment on the saturday evening will Mr Ferry Brouwer, bike mechanic of Jarno Saarinen and Phil Read in the seventies. Ferry is a walking database and he likes to answer all your questions.
    (OK I know he is a Yamaha man but for our meeting we will make him a R man).
    More information about the meeting and prices etc. will follow later this year.
    All of your fellow Dutch CB1100R enthusiasts are hoping to meet you all next year.
    We wish you a nice summer with a lot riding fun on your classic.
    Booking forms for the meeting will come later this year.
    For more information feel free to sent a mail to Louis Elbertse or Wout van Veldhuizen.

    See you there next year?

    Greetings from the Dutch Boys.


    I’ve booked my crossings today. P&O Hull to Rotterdam Europort. P&O have an early booking offer on at the moment. 15% discount if booking with evening meals or 10% if just travel only. I’ve taken the 15% offer as the buffet restaurant on these boats are excellent value for money and even better with the discount.

    Total £261.06 including meals . Roll on June 2020.


    hi guys,just completed our booking for the 2020 dutch meet for my wife Diane and I.We will be riding down to the ferry port on the Friday night arriving early Saturday.Can’t wait and looking forward to whats going be a fantastic meeting of the red and white (and blue) stallions….


    Welcome in Holland in june Pat and Diane.
    You know that the meeting starts friday afternoon?
    You are welcome on 15.00 hour or later.
    There is a dinner for you on the friday evening.
    On the saterday morning is the ride out together.
    Greetings from Holland.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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