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    Hi all, have an rc that needs a complete rebuild and i know this has been:) discused before but can anybody help? i think std. pison rings are no longer available? but will 1100f one’s fit as they are? if not is the only option a wiseco kit and if so any idea on price? or if anyone has parts to sell that may help out or swop?
    Regards Geoff. cbxgeoff@hotmail.com


    Hi Geoff,
    I have been meaning to give you a call, I do hope Angie is doing ok.
    Anyway if it was me I would go through all the Jap bikes that have the same bore size
    and have a look at the rings. you maybe lucky finding some that will do the job.
    As most of you know, I got some Kawasaki ones that fitted my 1mm oversize pistons
    some time ago and the only difference was the oil control spring.
    But I’m sure somebody said they found some std one’s in Germany!
    Anyway will call soon. Cheers Gary.

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Geoff

    Some time ago I found this link to a company in Germany. I believe they advertise pistons and rings but as I don’t read German so I can not be sure.


    I’m sure one of our German members can help.




    thanks both, its just the engine has been stood since 1988 with the head off! so i have to pull the barrels off and at least hone the bores and fit some rings.


    J E in the us will make you any rings you like if you get stuck…they’re making some for me that i can’t get hold of anymore…helpfull guys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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