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    I’m selling my CB1100RD, so I thought I’d pop it up here for a couple of weeks before showing it to the rest of the world!

    Some of you will recognise it, as I bought it from a former member, Nat Payne, in 2013.

    It is an original UK bike, first registered in Gloucester on the 1st August 1983.

    The bike is in stunning condition, thanks mainly to Nat’s work on it, which included a full fairing / tank / mudguard re-paint in very accurate colours and finish. I don’t think the bike has been restored, but more fettled into this condition. For example, the wheels are original finish, and do have a few, very minor, marks. The callipers likewise. But the exhaust pipes look original without blemish, as does the frame. The plastic parts are very clean with no sun damage, and the instruments and switchgear look very good. It’s hard to describe, but overall it looks absolutely immaculate, and close inspection reveals some very small marks from being used.

    The bike starts very easily, and revs cleanly with no misfiring and no smoking. It has done 24k miles, backed up by old MOTs going back to 1990. The gears shift very cleanly and easily, and everything works as it should. I don’t think that the bike needs anything doing to be able to enjoy it straight away.

    The bikes comes with two keys (each one operates all locks on the bike), it’s original handbook, a wad of old receipts and MOTs, and a spare parts book…a photocopy that probably came from here! Matt sourced a spare seat, which he had recovered. The original seat also comes with the bike, and has a tiny nick in the cover…just about invisible.

    The only non-original parts I can find on the bike are a pair of aftermarket horns, but I have found an original pair which also come with the bike.

    I’m looking for offers around £11k. The bike is a very original, clean and un-messed with example of the ‘D’, in immaculate, fully roadworthy condition. If you need any more information or more detailed photos, just shout. If you want to come and have a look, I’m near Gloucester (UK).






    Glenn Kirkham

    Looks nice Mark.. 😮


    Now sold, and up for sale at a dealership with a fair old markup!!bikes4sale/cdni


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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