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    Is there a database anywhere that lists the frame number ranges for the B/C and D models ?

    I read a reference to RB0 and RB1, is there again a range for these, and does this describe the unfaired and faired versions ?


    HI Phil,

    The short answer to any database is, unfortunately, no. Back in the day there were no reliable means of any such records, even if they were kept, of getting out into the ‘populous’. I doubt any such
    records every existed.
    Having said that their is a ‘range’ of engine and Frame numbers quoted in the Parts Manual that attributes them to particular countries, although there’s a lot of overlap so I wouldn’t expect that
    is of much value.

    The essential frame and engine number sequences are

    [TABLE=”class: cms_table”]
    [TD]Engine Number[/TD]
    [TD]Frame Number[/TD]

    With the RB0 this is the unfaired variant that went over to Australia in 1980. From discussions I have had over the years with ex-dealers and racers in Australia there were 150 shipped that way, and I think
    it’s fair to assume most of these were the very first lot off the production line… so these would be the frame and engine numbers in the 2000001-2000150 range. They shipped with an engine spares kit as
    there were not spares in the dealership network as it was such a rush to get the bike out there for the Castrol endurance race at Bathhurst.

    I’ll dig out a copy of the Parts Manual details.. unless anyone else has this handy to post up.



    thats useful thank you. How close were engine and frame serial numbers, is there an average ?


    Whoops… I had better correct the typo in my table first.. the RD model engine numbers start with 22. Have corrected the table below.

    I have never seen a bike that has the same last four digits in it’s frame and engine number, but there are probably some around. I’ve seen them just one digit apart and then others that were more than forty. So I don’t think there was much rhyme or reason to the two numbers on any particular bike, probably just the way the frames and engines turned up at the assembly line. They were all hand assembled apparently.


    By the way… there has been a story that’s gone around a few times about an SC08E engine. I think because it appears in the table in the parts manual. I’m more inclined to think that was an error in the manual. I’ve kept my eye out for one of those but of course never seen one.


    I recently bought my RD and was interesred to see where my Bike sat in the production line.
    My Frame Number is SC08-2100008 (Eng is SCO5E-2200010) 11/82 on the plate.
    I found a chart which I think relates to models sent to us in Australia. See attached.
    It looks like my bike was the 8th out of the factory in Nov 1982 but only the 3rd into Australia.
    I wondered if Honda Japan might have kept the first 5 RD’s built in Japan for some reason.



    Chart didn’t go through very big.
    Not sure how to make it larger.
    email me if you want it sent that way.
    ColB. Australia..


    HI Col,

    When you put the image up in the post doubleclick the image and a dialogue box will come up where you can select the size of the image.. By default it gets inserted as a thumbnail
    You can do this to your original post by going to ‘Edit’. Then remove your update post to keep things tidy :)


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