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    Good People, Greetings and thanks again for the great IOM event. Still telling people about it.
    A quick question. Somehow the spacer for the fuel tank hold down bolt (8mm) has gone AWOL. I’ve made up one to sort of work, as it isn’t too complex for my skills. Could I get a measurement from an obliging soul as to the corect length of this little beast? It isn’t listed as a separate part, other ‘collars’ have the length nominated in the parts book. It’s not super critical I know, but if I’m going to make a good one it may as well be close.


    Hello Brian,I have measured the lenght in the tankrubber it`s 11mm.So if you have a collar of around 10mm that should do it.
    It`s only there to protect and to centrate the rubber. Btw you are not the only one with this :<)


    Thanks Wim, 10mm sounds like a good round number.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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