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    what`s going on here , I have made a payment threu PayPal a few ago. Today I recived a message from the club with request to pay for the new year.
    have found out that my payment went to
    so my guesses where I did something wrong and did another payment threu PayPal to the club using the renewal button on the site.

    just say a confirmation that I have made a payment to the club with adress andy etc!!!
    now I don`t get it anymore,maybe someone of the administration can help me with this because I am not making a third payment.

    I realize that this is not the right place to post this but see no other ptions.


    so to make it clear wen you push the renewal button and you push the eu button than there is paypal with the automatic payment.
    wen you recive later the message from paypal in your mail it says that payment is be done to the CB1100R club and it shows the adress
    so I have done a message to this adress and get the answer that this is not an adress in use!!!!!!!
    and than I dont get it anymore,so hope for explanation.

    Keith Goodman

    Hi Wim
    That address is form when Andy Larkin was the treasurer, i believe Steve Doyle maybe the treasurer now??
    I have not recieved a request to pay yet so i have not



    Hi Wim and Keith. There must be a glitch in the system. We have made our forum admin aware of this and will get back to you asap.


    I have just seen this, and after checking Paypal, realised I am in the same boat!
    Let’s see what happens next?


    Don`t worry Brett in my case it turned out all okay so that will be the same for you.


    Just renewed my membership today via web site. All went fine. Paypal states payment sent to CB1100R Club.

    Peter Hunt

    Did mine yesterday via this website. Seemed to go through ok. Did not see the “family and friends” option though?
    Got the “sorry you’re leaving” email last night, but guessing they “crossed in the mail”.
    Hopefully all good.
    Like the others here, it went to the andy address, with no other option.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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