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    HI everyone,
    I finally collected my bike from the south of Italy where I bought it almost 1 year ago!
    I will post some pics asap

    Unfortunately, as some of you may know, I had a major problem with the graphics layout ([URL=”http://[IMG]”%5Dterrible painter[/URL]), also the clutch and seat stay metal brackets are gone (see [URL=”http://[IMG]”%5D1%5B/URL%5D -[URL=”http://[IMG]”%5D 2[/URL])… for sure more and more things will come up as I go on with the restoration

    So here I am with my request:

    – In order to start the restoration, is to bring the bike to the mechanic, the painter and generally around Rome to sort the various things.
    – In order to do this, I need to insure the bike
    – In order to insure the bike the only way is to inscribe it to a national vintage bike registry which allows vintage bikes to circulate.
    Without that they’re only considered old polluting bikes…

    Getting to the point, to inscribe the bike they ask for various pics of the bike, that must be completely original in all of its parts.

    Mainly because of the bad painting job, no way I can pass the examination; so I’m asking to any RD owner if he could take 4 pictures for me:
    1 front
    1 rear (you can hide the plate if you prefer)
    1 right
    1 left
    they must be taken on a plain background (may be a plain wall, a linen, or anything like that) and clearly frame the bike.

    Other than that they’ll ask me more documents and pics (frame and motor serial plus other details that I can provide, as they must be close up, nobody will notice the picture “mix”)

    I can assure you it’s nothing illegal, just the only way to start working on the bike
    Hope you can help



    Hi Niccolò

    I’ve been off the forum for a few weeks so late responding to your post. Did you get the photos sorted ? I’d be more than happy to help but my RD is not garaged
    where I am at the moment. I also still have in mind getting those details I promised for the layout of the paint job, but again I haven’t been able to as yet
    as the bike is 300 miles away from where I live.



    Hi Steve,
    not jet, but still they would help ;)

    if and when you’d have the chance to take them, I’d appreciate


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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