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    Managed to get my 1980 RB1 registered in the historic vehicle class recently due to its age. Tax and MOT are no longer required which is a nice bonus to reaching 40 years old and running beautifully. Over the next few years I guess other owners will do the same once they reach that age.

    On side note, is there any way the facebook forum can be synchonised into this website so the posts on facebook can be seen on here? –I have no access to facebook or any desire to join facebook and hence feel like I’m not getting full use of my membership.

    Peter Hunt

    John, I am with you regarding the Facebook issue. The same happens here in the VJMC, and I know for sure I do miss news and discussions. I’ve asked there for posts to be duplicated onto the forum by the poster, but it doesn’t always seem to happen (but how would i know anyway?).
    Perhaps a matter for the upcoming AGM?


    Hi John

    Nice you have got your RB Tax and MOT free, saves a few quid a year, i will have to wait until next year for my RC’s

    Not sure if the CB1100R members only Facebook posts can be synchonised here, i have been a member of Facebook for many years and am a member of many bike groups on it, i post very little on my timeline but post a fair amount on many of Bike groups i belong to

    Its far easier to use as its posts are seen instntly by members, photos are a piece of cake to upload from your phone and can be saved by easily by others for future reference



    Hi Keith and Peter,
    Agree perhaps one for the AGM if there are other members in the same boat, it would be nice to see more posts and contribute more too and possibly buy CB1100R related things.

    The Historic application process is slightly complicated with the dates in that even though my RB1 dates from 1980 it couldn’t be put in the historic class for tax exemption till 1/4/2021 based on the law. So I guess an 1982 registered bike can’t apply for tax exemption till 1/4/2023 for example. It was different with the MOT though, it was exempt from MOT which was due in early 2021 automatically without needing to apply. However the historic vehicle tax exemption required a post office made application and subsequently new logbook issuance with the tax class changed to historic (and DVLA automatically refund any road tax already paid up at the point of application).

    Best rgds, John


    Just to say that we are now providing a feed from Facebook to the new website. GlennK


    Hi John
    Re historic vehicles
    I bought a RC in September 2020 that had come from Germany and had a CB1100F engine fitted, luckily for me I had collected enough parts including a set of RC crankcases to built an engine
    So after building the RC engine and fitting it I decided to send my V5 of to the DVLA to change from a CB1100F SC11E engine which for some strange reason was stated at 1054cc, to the correct SCO5E 1062cc
    After a long wait the DVLA informed me they needed further proof that the SC05 and 1062cc was correct for my RC and gave me a list of what they needed for proof
    So i got a letter of conformity from Honda UK which showed my RC was built on the 21st December 1981
    I sent that back to them with a copy of my application to the insurance company showing the new engine number and correct capacity, along with a photo of my new engine number
    Then after another long wait I received a new V5 back showing the correct engine number and capacity and year of manufacture as 1981
    So i am now waiting for the 1st April to register my RC as a Historic vehicle
    The RC engine I fitted only has an engine number 16 higher than the original that was fitted
    My frame number is 1393 so quite a high one, so any RC owner in the UK with a lower number in the UK can also get a letter from Honda UK for historic status
    My other RC is Frame number 1903( funny as Honda only claimed to have built 1500) so I will have to wait until next year for that one


    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi John, just say that there is now a Facebook feed that you can access under the NEWS tab on the website. It only gives the initial Facebook post though and not the subsequent posts. Unfortunately this looks like the best we can currently achieve as the CB1100R Facebook group is a private group restricted to club members. If if can be improved in the future then we will do.


    Many thanks Glenn, much appreciated, it is very useful. Best Regards, John.
    Keith-well done for managing to succeed with DVLA, lots of patience shown there but well worth it in the end.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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