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    Trevor Hughes

    Recently one of our members who is trying to restore an RC back to original, asked me about a comment he had read in the Practical Sportsbike article on Paul Ashworth’s RB. The article states that the indicators on the RB are different from those on the RC/RD.

    The original Honda indicators do have a different lens on the Front to that on the Rear, however they are the same lens on all 3 models.
    Front Lens 33402-431-782 has a square pattern
    Rear Lens 33402-425-601 has a round pattern

    All lenses are the same size and often get changed around.

    The indicator base on the RB is different to that on the RC/RD.
    The RB indicator stem is about 38mm when measured front to back at it widest point.
    The RC/RD indicator stem is about 44mm at the same point.

    There are also many aftermarket indicators available, original Honda items have black wires with a coloured band. Orange and Green is a left indicator, Light Blue and Green is a right indicator.

    In the pictures the indicator on the left is an RB indicator with a rear lens, the right is an RD with a front lens.


    In my quest to find a replacement for my RD, I bought a couple off ebay. They came off a 650 Honda, I think it was the CX (V twin) version. Anyway same part number as the D.
    They were crappy as it turned out, but none the less another source to search for the D (and C?). The after market one I got was rubbish. Finally managed to get hold a NEW base and swap the bits.


    Could one of you RB owners just clarify the info below please. I read it from Trevor’s link that both the front and rear RB indicator arms are of the thinner profile than the RC/RD equivalents. Is this correct?

    Trevor Hughes

    I believe the small stem indicators were not just an 11RB thing. CB650/750/900 all had smaller indicator stems 1981 and before. The parts book certainly has different part numbers for RB parts to those of RC/RD. Interestingly though the parts book only has one part number for the Rear winker stay 33605-438-000 but when I ordered some I received 33605-445-630?
    I think the reason for the change was to make them stronger.
    Obviously smaller indicators had smaller stays and mounting points. If you check your tail light bracket where the indicator stays bolt on it is about 5cm, front to rear where the RC/RD is about 5.7cm. When you try to place an RC/RD stay on an RB tail light bracket the location pin does not line up.

    Stay Tailight RB 80103-438-611
    RC/RD 80103-445-630

    Winker R FR RB 33400-MA3-700 or 3400-438-602
    RC/RD 33400-438-842 or 33400-438-661

    Winker L FR RB 33450-MA3-700 or 33450-438-602
    RC/RD 33450-438-842 or 33450-438-661

    Winker R Rr RB 33600-438-602
    RC/RD 33600-426-632

    Winker L Rr RB 33650-438-602
    RC/RD 33650-426-632

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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