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    Working on my RB and trying to locate a few parts. First is the spacer between mounting bracket and actual rear indicator itself. Note, the RB has the slimmer profile indicator stem compared to the RC / RD.

    Secondly, looking for a complete cable coupling housing, cover and associated brackets for the electrics. It is the assembly that attaches to the front forks in front of the headlight housing. I doubt anyone will have the entire set up but if someone has decided to build an Oz RB1 from an RB2 or has seriously trashed the fairing then the parts may be lurking somewhere.

    Thirdly, a serviceable rear disc brake.

    Any help in tracking down these items greatly appreciated. PM, or text, call 07904 257389
    Cheers guys


    Hi Andy

    I have a parts list on a PDF i can email you if you send me your email address

    There are 2 part numbers for the rear indicator bracket, one for UK France Germany and the Netherlands, the other is for Australia South Africa and general export with KPH clocks

    I think the slimmer profile are the same as the early CB750/900F models


    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Andy, I got one of the cable connector boxes for My RB from David Silvers..about £18 if memory is right.
    Cheers Glenn


    Thanks for the replies Keith and Glenn,
    Yeh, Silvers and CMSNL have the coupler boxes and CMSNL have the cover also. What is the harder parts to find is the associated hardware to fit the coupler. Only one of the three fixing brackets required is currently available from either of the suppliers. I’m patient though. The search is all part of the fun.

    Thanks for the PDF offer Keith, appreciated, but not required at the moment as I have a combined parts manual that is getting well thumbed at present.

    This particular RB is new to my stable and I am just starting going through it finding all the faults, as I bought it unseen (not sure that was a good idea :confused:). Not even heard it run yet!!! I am sure there will be more hurdles to overcome as the refresh progresses. I will start a new thread to chart the progress.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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