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    Hi All

    We reminded everyone in the last R World newsletter that membership renewals were due by the end of January 2020 and sent out a farewell letter to anyone who was outstanding. (If you joined after September 2019 your membership fee was paid up until January 2021, you will not have been sent a farewell email as you don’t need to make an additional payment until then.)

    A BIG thank you to everyone who renewed before the deadline.

    Those that didn’t renew but are still able to read this message are very jammy! But we will be updating the forum in the near future and this includes limiting access to any lapsed members who still have access. Aren’t we mean!

    If you want to check your membership status, or you want to rejoin the club and retain access to the site, please email

    Cheers all, enjoy!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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