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    Cop a load of the price these babies just made on eBay.


    I’m amazed.

    Steve Gardner


    When you think you could by a very good RC for 7 times that just a few years ago… with mirrors :confused:


    OK learned friends, Glad to be on board. I’m just in the early stages of my RD restoration. Mirrors, are the RD mirrors chrome or the body colour (white)? I’ve seen both versions on various photos but not sure which is correct. Mine are currently white, I prefer the chrome look but can go either way at this stage. Thanks in anticipation.

    Steve Gardner

    HI Brian,

    Good to see your first Post on here. The RD mirrors are the same as the RC – Chrome. They are unique to the 1100R as far as I know.

    The white ones are probably from a VF. I had a pair on my RC when I bought it but managed to find a pair of 1100R chome ones.. a bit
    scuffed but look more in keeping with the bike.


    Thanks Steve. Chrome it is.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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