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    As suspected, the starter motor fault was due to the 3 bolts that secure the sprag clutch were loose. I tightened them and now the starter fault is cured

    I got the bike running, but the oil light remains illuminated when the bike is running. Testing the circuit, appears that the wiring circuit is grounded somewhere

    I tested the switch, its fine

    Any leads/clues where the wire could be trapped, or damaged ?. I see on the wiring diagram there is a junction box, where is this located ?



    I had same issue once. The wire goes under the starter cover. I had changed the starter and pinched when putting everything back together.

    Was simple fix.


    Vince, thats useful thanks. PO removed the starter motor to have it tested, guess that could have done it, as I had a video of the bike running prior to him checking the starter, and the light was out


    Thanks to Vince, found the fault. PO had refitted the starter motor (after trying to resolve the starting fault) and trapped the switch wire

    Took it out for a spin over the weekend, I can see why the bikes have such a following, feels really nimble, the front end is very responsive

    I have a set of Continental tyres to fit, it has BT45’s on it now, but they’re a bit old. Look forward to getting back out on it soon

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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