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    Hi All,
    You know what it’s like you park your bike next to somebody’s
    and find there is a difference between yours and theirs.
    This was my case when sometime this year I found that behind my headlamp in the fairing I was missing this plastic gaiter that keeps the wiring tidy.icon9.png
    I’m sure it was Steve G or was it Andy J bike I was looking at!
    I have looked up this part and it’s NLA so my question is
    1) Has anybody got one they want to sell.
    2) If not can somebody give me the dia so I can make one. I have spoken to Bob M and he tells me it’s split and it goes round the fairing support tube and held on with two cable ties. but if someone can give me some more information on this part it would be great.Many thanks Gary W.


    Hi Gary,the lenght is 105mm and the largest diameter ca 90mm.


    Thanks Wim. Your a star.
    Cheers Gary.


    Hi All, 2nd attempt at this.
    HI All
    After thanking Wim for sending me a picture and info I started to look around for something to do the job.
    Has any members got any ideas, as other than a plastic black bottle split I have not come up with any other ideas.
    The only trouble with a plastic bottle the cable ties would slip of the ends.
    Anyway unless someone has one to sell, your ideas would be most appriciated.
    Cheers Gary.
    PS Happy xmas and new year.

    Trevor Hughes


    When I wanted to keep the cables neat, clean and dry on my trail bike I always used a piece of inner tube. Ok so it’s not quit as good as Mr Hondas part but would do the job until you find the correct part.

    I also understand you are looking for contact details of someone who can repair Speedo’s. Mechanics July 08 had an article on Chris Rivett Tel 01604 455160 Mob: 07917 365060 who they recommended.


    Cheers Trev,
    Give you a call soon,
    Cheers Gary.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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