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    Don’t know if anyone can help me, I have just recently got my RB on the road, which I purchased 6 months ago.
    Although, the clutch is exceptionally stiff and noisy.
    I have replaced the clutch springs and cable, with after market parts and it hasn’t made any difference to the stiffness.
    But also concerned about the noise, especially when ticking over.
    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, and could let me know, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Steve L


    Hi Steve and welcome

    Some aftermarket clutch springs can give a heavy lever, also clutch noise is common on the Honda CB engines, normally when the clutch is pulled in the noise will disappear, Clutch basket damper rubbers can be repalced with a kit from WoutV which will quieten it down a bit, as will a good carb balance, sometimes the noise is caused by a worn primary chain as its hydralically tensioned and allough it has a spring to assist the tension the oil presssure is not enough on tickover to operate the tensioner fully

    I am in Crawley so not far away from you, and a few of us southern R owners in better times meet up at the Spitfire cafe in Biggin Hill for breakfast, so maybe you can join us one day for a meet up




    Hi Keith
    Thanks for your suggestions to do with the clutch problems on my RB, very interesting the different things you were saying it could be.
    Yes, I did get the bike from Mike, seems a nice fella, and I’m certainly interested in any meets anyone is doing, once I have fixed and on the road.
    Would you, or anyone you know be able to recommend where to buy some good quality, standard clutch springs (non heavy duty).
    Thanks again,

    Steve L

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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