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    I’ve started to assemble my RD and am refering to my ‘comprehensive’ notes and photos and parts manual and workshop manuals AND the bit I need to know hasn’t been recorded!! Dammit.
    The taillight assembly is supported by four rubber mounts (those oil cooler mounting rubbers). I have recorded that the nuts on each end of these is a 6mm with integral flange. That’s OK for the top nut, but the lower one (which clamps up to the inside of the mudguard) appears to have had a larger diameter washer (perhaps) as well. Can someone confirm what actually is on these bottom nuts please? The book only lists the nut, but it just doesn’t look right.
    OK Just editing the post here……Just found the reinforcing plate that goes under the plastic bit — doh! All ok now on this one.

    Also….. The compession damping adjuster on the bottom of the forks. The little plates (1-2-3-4) are different Left and Right. I had them separated L&R however in the assembly fiasco I lost track. (don’t ask) Pretty sure I got it sorted. They are labeled A and B of course (would have thought L and R was easier but..) Anyhow, A right, B left??

    And one more. The battery box rubbers. The front and rear are different, no problem. I have the fronts in with the smaller side to the top, it looks ok. The rears are in with the smaller side also to the top. doesn’t look right. Ive tried different combinations, put them in as they appear in the parts book, not convinced the way they came out was right anyway. There are only a small number of permutations on this, but I give up.
    Anyone know the correct way for these little suckers?
    Thanks again.

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