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    Gents, I’m chasing info on the rear brake hose for the RD. Maybe the RC is similar, don’t know. I want to get new hoses made (as I did for another bike), rubber with the SS ends. The rear hose doesn’t look right and I now see the date marking on the hose is from 1987. Clearly not original, and as it had a different rear caliper on it when I got the bike, I suspect the caliper and hose has come off possibly another Honda.
    What I would like to get is ideally photos of an original hose (nice to have), eye to eye dimensions (must have) and an estimate of the orientation between the front and rear banjo connections (nice to have). My hose looks too long and it ends up with a tiny twist when the banjos are fitted up. I can get the brake guy to make up what I want, but if I have some better idea to start with that would be great.

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Brian

    According to the parts book the RC and RD do share the same rear brake hose, however the Australian bikes use a different part to the rest of the world. I believe I’m correct in saying from 1982 the rest of the world had braided brake line fitted to 1100R’s where Australian bikes continued with rubber lines.

    43310-MA3-641 Rest of the world
    43310-MA3-791 Australia

    I have measured my RD braided brake line, maybe this will help:

    Complete hose measured from centre of banjo fittings 46cm. The banjo fittings are 90 Degrees twisted.

    Long banjo fitting caliper end 4cm
    Crimp 2cm
    Hose 12cm
    Hose protector 14.8cm
    Hose 9cm
    Crimp 2cm
    Short banjo fitting 2.2cm


    When I replaced the lines on my RB I used black plastic coated stainless lines this keeps the original look but with stainless lines.


    Thanks Trev, that’s perfect. My hose is not the correct one. It’s about 30mm too long mainly and the long banjo end is at the wrong angle……
    I know what I need now. Ta.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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