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    Hi Everyone, my RC exhaust is rotted through on rear mufflers on both sides, are there suitable replacements or is it a case of getting the originals re built, I dont really want to spoil the look by going to a 4 into one etc?



    Hi I bought some replica ones from London Exhaust technology BV in Holland, Wout had them make some from an origional he supplied them with



    hi Keith
    They look good, how much were they, was it the full system or just the mufflers?



    I bought one full system for one bike and a pair of silencers for my other RC which i have a front section off a CB900F one

    The complete system was euro 550 for the front section and euro 450 for the pair of silencers


    In my opinion my bike with the CB900F front section is the better fit

    The London exhaust front section comes as 4 pipes, 2 collectors and a separate balance pipe

    Was ok at first by the clamping system is very poor, just brazed on tubes split with a saw and fitted with a 6mm bolt which do not work very well

    My first modification was to have the outer pipes welded in to the collector and the balance pipe welded to one collecter, this eliminated the need for 3 clamps

    I cut the remaining clamps off where the center pipes fit and bought some decent stainless steel clamps which helped no end

    Even with this the pipes were still very close to the fairing, my solution was to remove the inner pipes and put a ratchet strap across the outer pipes and pull them in so the collecters were just touching the sump

    I then offered the center pipes up and they looked too high when fitted in the collector they were about 8-10mm to high where they fit the exhaust port in the cylinder head

    I then marked them and removed a 10mm long section from the pipes in the vertical run then had them welded back together

    That was a big improvement

    The other problem which is common to many aftermarket systems is the original Honda pipes have a nice wide flange for the exhaust gaskets to locate on, The London exhaust pipes are quite narrow where they fit against the gaskets and are loose in the head so they do not locate centrally and thus cause slight exhaust leaks which are annoying


    My solution to the poor fit of the pipes in the head was to have some adaptors made, these are a snug fit in the cylinder head with the gasket in place and also a snug fit in the exhaust pipe

    I also find with many exhaust gaskets they do not fit down properly in the head which makes it difficult fitting the nuts to the exhaust flanges, as most gaskets are around 47-48mm diameter my solution was to use some 45mm diameter ones from a CB900 Honda Hornet which are 45mm diameter which fit flat in the exhaust port


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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