Shakedown completed along with the first breakdown haha.

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    I really did not realize just how good this bike is, here i thought it was going to be old and difficult to ride. Wow what an amazing machine. Power is excellent and the handling is shockingly good for such and old bike. I am really amazed (lol and so were some others on the freeway)

    after a month of riding and checking everything i have encountered my first issue (no suprise as this bike has barely turned a wheel in 8 years)

    I think the regulator has fried itself as the battery ran flat on the last ride. It has power and the battery charges but it does not hold the charge. Any ideas on where i can get a good replacement? Or at least the best replacement as i assume someone has had the same issue here. I am also trying to do some of the maintenance myself as i do not want to be going to the shop every time something happens.

    Please advise

    Many thanks

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Ashley and welcome to the fun of chasing faults on 40 year old bikes..😄
    Have you checked the alternator output. Not unknown for windings to go open circuit and/ brushes to fail.?

    Peter Hunt

    Hi Ashley. Congrats on getting the old girl back on the road.
    I had same issue fairly recently, turned out to be a short in the alternator wiring. Managed to score an exchange unit (but they can he rewound), problem solved (after replacing regulator…tried to creep up on the problem haha).
    As Glenn said, check the output from the alternator. There’s a bit info in an earlier thread on here about mine.
    Incredibly, not long after this my ever reliable 750/4 had same issue…..I think it went out in sympathy haha.
    David Silver Spares are my go to supplier.
    Cheers mate, remember everything is fixable…with money and patience!
    Peter, South Australia.

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