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    If you haven’t read the Article go the Club News section first.


    This event is a last minute arrangement but may be a great day out for anyone who can make a Thursday. The organiser of the Show Marquee doesn’t have her meeting with Silverstone management until later this week but needs to know numbers by the weekend so she can send out tickets etc.

    Need to be at Silverstone half hour before gates open at 9am Thursday 9 June.

    Post on this thread for more info or feel free to call me

    01637 860023


    Sounds like a bit of fun to me Steve. I am up for this. What is the next step?


    If I can get an idea of numbers at this stage. I’ll be talking to the organiser next on Thursday and will have to confirm definite numbers on Saturday.

    This is a charity event and well worth supporting. Hopefully we’ll get the Pit/Paddock access as a freebie too but we can’t promise at this stage. When the MotoGP was at Donningtion this was not problem, but the management at Silverstone play much harder to get apparantly.;)


    sounds good to me put me on the list Geoff.


    Hi Steve,
    Must have been fast asleep when I e-mailed you last night.
    Would love to go if poss and I can get the day off work.
    I will try to call you AM. Cheers mate Gary.


    FYI.. I have SIX respondents interested in participating at the Day of Champions @ Silverstone and displaying their bikes at the Classic Bike Marquee at the event.

    • AndyJ
    • SteveG
    • GlennK
    • GeoffH
    • TrevH
    • GaryW

    If anyone else is interested please let me know by 6pm tomorrow evening (FRIDAY 27th May)

    All entry passes will be confirmed with the organisers on Saturday.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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