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    Hi all,

    Am chasing the following small parts and wondering if anyone has part numbers etc or can point me inthe best direction of where to source them:

    4 x spade globes for dash panel
    1 x parking globe
    1 x speedo cable (inner & outer)
    1 x rubber edging for front fairing

    Any help with any of the above bits is greatly appreciated.




    Herman, Supercheap or Repco will have the globes, just take the sample.
    Think I got my speedo cable through David Silver?
    Not sure on the edging, try a Clark Rubber store (I don’t see one in Mount Gambier, is there something like them down your way?). I was surprised at the range of rubber / moulding / stuff they had. I got some rubber from them and made up a new temp gauge mounting ring.


    Thanks Brian…got hold of the globes and Honda actually had an original cable in dead stock…gotta get lucky sometimes!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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