Snetterton 4 hr Classic Endurance Race & Show – 17th & 18th October 2015

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    Glenn Kirkham

    I was speaking with the guys from Classic Track Days whilst at Spa and they told me that they have this event organised for the 17th & 18th October (same weekend as the Stafford Classic Bike Show that we are attending.

    It is following the same format as the Spa Francorchamps Bikers Classic weekend with Classic displays, club stands, Classic track sessions and a 4 hour Classic endurance race.

    It’s unfortunate to clash with Stafford but we are a big enough club with enough members to hopefully cover both events.

    Andy Larkin has offered to coordinate the Snetterton end of the event and that may potentially leave us short handed at Stafford.

    It would be good to ‘ring the changes’ and see some new bikes and new blood on the Stands and this could also give folk geographically challenged to easily get to Stafford an opportunity to get involved at Snetterton.

    Can I ask anyone in the club who is prepared to give up some time to help out either at Stafford or at Snetterton to please get in touch with either myself, Andy Larkin or Trevor Hughes asap please.

    We said that the club would be promoting these grand old bikes – but your committee can’t do it all and we do need help from the rest of the membership to make this work. :rolleyes:

    Lets get these bike shown and Ridden – not hidden..:p

    Cheers.. Glenn

    Steve Doyle

    Hi Glenn, I would be interested in Snetterton, but also could look at helping out at Stafford. Could deliver RB to Stafford and assist set stand up on the Friday. Then trot on down to Snetterton for the Saturday, with the RC & Shrimp! Then do Stafford for pm, Sunday.

    Glenn Kirkham

    Thanks Steve, yes I reckon that would work..

    Any more folk interested…?

    Cheers.. Glenn

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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