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    As the topic of “sparks” came up in another thread I thought I get a discussion going about Spark Plug types and the experience owners might have had using different types.

    The specified standard NGK plug is the DR8ES –

    Interestingly the parts manual specifies a different plug for the Australian market – D9EA . This is a cooler plug and doesn’t have the integral resistor. I wonder why they specified this cooler plug ?:confused:

    Was it the tropical heat that needed a cooler plug (jesting of course:o) ? or do they expect the Ozzies to run their bikes a lot
    harder as the roads are longer (maybe not jesting :D)

    With the RD I had in Australia I ran both the D9’s and the DR8’s , (although not at the same time… geeze I’m a bundle of laughs tonight..:rolleyes: must be the few pints I had earlier!!!)

    Seriously though, I think the only reason I tried different plugs was because that’s all I could get hold of at the time. Can’t say I noticed any performance or plug burn difference with the type I riding I was doing at the time. (fairly pedestrian by UK standards as the Queensland roads and an over zealous QLD Cops with the 100Km/60mph speed limit would keep things a bit sedantry most of the time).

    Has anyone who has raced or done a lot of track time found they needed the cooler plugs?

    Has anyone tried out the NGK Iridium plugs – DR8EIX ?


    The iridium are generally a harder wearing plug .. they also tend not to foul as easily . But that’s never a problem I’ve found on these bikes . . I used to use them on my tl1000 which is meant to be hard on plugs .. but have switched back to standard type plugs .. I’ve not had any starting or fouling issues . . Maybe the bosh silver plugs could be a better choice ?
    I think the different heat rating could be because of the Aussie temp .. lucky buggers .. : )

    Trevor Hughes

    I always run DR8ES as Mr Honda said.


    I am treating bike to new plugs,shall i get….

    NGK 8E1X iridium

    apart from price ,is there any difference ? will i notice ?


    Steve… Just merged earlier thread on this topic… there’s a few posts there that might help !



    NGK DR8ES it is then
    maybe little bits of info like this can be transfered onto the engine info widget page ?
    I know its obvious to some owners, but new owners could easily waste money buying the wrong bits
    oils, plugs, filters , tyres, shockers , cables , decals etc etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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