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    heads up for anybody who may be interested
    On this sunday 12th I am going to view a Suzuki RG500 MK6 ex Gustav Rainer GP bike ( not the crappy road version )
    I need this 500 for parades and track days .
    If i agree to buy it I will be sticking my RD up for sale on Ebay for a week, it will then finish on the sunday of the stafford show.
    It can be viewed at the show or at my house during the week.
    Of course I will be keeping the RB for a road / track bike.
    there are numerous pictures of my RD it has MOT until next August ,has had respray , carbs ultrasonic cleaned and vapourblasted, new replica silencers and new tyres and goes very well.

    Trevor Hughes

    Steve, I thought you were going to sale the RB.


    I prefer riding the RB on track days and besides the RD will raise more money towards the RG500.
    However if it doesnt sell then i will try and sell the RB,
    One of them will have to go simply because I have 4 bikes already and cant fit another bike in my garage .
    And I have decided not to put any more bikes in the conservatory or dining room.
    see you next weekend


    This is it


    Ooooooh I like it.

    Trevor Hughes

    Sounds to me like you’ve made a mistake Steve, you should have built a bigger garage!!!!! Your RD is clean and up together so hopefully you will generate some interest at Stafford next weekend.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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