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    Evening all.

    I’m looking at getting some number punches made in the correct font/style for 80s Hondas.

    I’ve got most numbers covered but could really do with a good high res pic of a VIN that contains the numbers 3,5 and 7.

    Can anyone assist?

    I know its anal, but the eBay number punches are nothing like the right look for the 1100R and I really want to do a proper set of authentic numbers for my restoration. We would only need the one set and then folk are more than welcome to borrow them to do their own (or I’ll do them for you – scan of logbook as confirmation of ownership obviously).




    Just sent a few over via email Andy!

    Not sure if they’re of any help



    Seems to me Andy that quite a few bikes have some or all of the last three number scribed on rather than punched. Maybe they lost some numbers out
    of the set when when were doing them in the factory !! 😮

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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