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    i have nearly finished converting bike to mechanical tacho drive, i am just about to put cam cover back on and found one of the rubber cap oil stoppers resting on top of my spark plug ( 2nd plug from left side when sat on bike.) its obviously fell off , but i dont know where from.
    the other one is still on the right side of the camchain , its fitted on the front ( exhaust cam ) under the metal plate that covers the cam chain.But on the right side of the bike !
    does the other one fit on the other ed of the metal plate ? on the right side of the cam chain
    or where i found it on the left side of the bike ?
    steve b


    Trevor Hughes


    If you look at the schematic at the top of the CMS page ,it looks as if they are one each side of the chain and face the cam lobs.

    The Haynes CB900 manual states “Fit the black plastic oil deflector cap on each of the two cylinder head nuts nearest to the camshaft chain tunnel on the inlet side of the cylinder head”

    Good luck my friend



    you are correct , i have now put it back together and started it up. all the idiot lights, temp gauge and clock background lights work, i had to savage a CB900F loom to get the clocks light to work,but left the 1100 loom standard. the rev counter works ( of a fashion ) but it responds a bit slowly to the engine revs .
    i am hoping it sorts itself out as it gets used. I was told by the seller that the tacho has been stood for a few years.
    or maybe i will try and re route the tacho cable, after all it wasnt desiged to have a cable .
    anyway it all looks “right” now


    Pity that CB900F loom :eek:…. you “Savage” you :D:D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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