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    Peter Hunt

    Guys – my wheels (RC) could do with a tidy up. The gold is faded/worn off in places, and there are some nicks and scratches from careless tyre fitters and/or woopsies in the past…before my ownership of course!
    Been discussing it with a few people over here and a couple of questions come up:
    1. Are the wheels actually anodised or painted?
    2. What methods have been used to keep the rivets silver? I notice the one in the latest magazine has powdercoated over the rivets, I might prefer to leave mine silver I think. I’m not a train spotter, but just prefer the look. I suppose you could just paint/anodize/powdercoat the wheels as a whole and then paint the rivets silver later (carefully!).
    3. Can gouges/scratches be successfully repaired?

    Will be interested to hear of others experiences with this.

    Sth Oz.



    This has been a big topic amongst a few Club members in the past.
    The wheels are adonised, not painted and to attempt a re-anodising process the wheels would have to be dismantled. Essentially the debate
    then was wether it was possible/advisable to dismantle the wheels in the first place.

    The article in the Mag was a diversion from getting an original look by powdercoating the whole wheel, over rivets and all avoiding the idea
    of taking the wheels apart. I personally don’t like the end result in that but I guess it depends how bad the wheels were in the first place.

    There are a couple of detailed articles in the Wheels & Tyres section on how Gary Wise went about adonising his wheels. You can jump to it on this link



    Peter Hunt

    Many thanks Steve.
    As I said, I’m not a true pursit, although I like to keep my bikes looking tidy, shiney and somewhat close to original, after reading that article it seems re-anodising is a big job and the bike would be off the road for a long time, and probably difficult to find someone around here I can trust to do it anyway, maybe painting them is a Plan B.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Peter

    For me the author of the wheel article in R world said it all when he said “you don’t want too many colours going on”. Different coloured engine cases and discoloured wheels do make our bikes look their age.
    The rivets have been a topic of conversation for many when talking about refurbishing wheels and in fact the standard silver rivets have H on one side. This owner has chosen to powder coat the wheels complete with rivets therefore leaving the rivets gold, while Gary pulled the wheel apart to get the original anodized look then used Stainless Steel cap head screws with lock nuts. I guess the question is which do you feel looks best?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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