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If I remember correctly Andy my solution involved just a simple wire coat hanger and a quick tug (ooh, dirty boy).

Unravel coat hanger and bend over an end to produce a tight V-shaped hook. Look through filler cap along the spine of the bottom of the tank and as you know you will see the baffle plate running across the spine. The plate is simply spot welded at either side and one of the welds will have seperated. Establish which side now acts as a hinge using the coat hanger or some other long thin implement and then when confirmed hook the coat hanger on the opposite side and administer a sharp pull towards the front of the tank.
This will then jam the baffle on top of the spine and voila, the vibes are gone forever.

I have done this on both my Rs, the RC operation perfomed nearly 20 years ago and the baffle has never tingled in the slightest since.
Good luck, but if you get the coat hanger stuck don’t blame me. Only joking, you can blame me, but you would still have a stuck coat hanger.