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Peter Hunt

New here, so hi from Sth Australia.
My RC arrived today from interstate having purchased it 3 weeks ago. It’s been repainted, engine rebuilt and has 18600kms on it. Engine was rebuilt due to burnt valves from split intake rubbers. So the previous owner did the lot while he was at it.
I’ve not had it running yet, have ordered a new battery for it, so should have it screaming away soon, and then off to an ID check to get it registered.
I’ve spent most of the day detailing it and poking around and making a list of some little bits I need – I’m very happy with it so far.
I also have a K2 750/4 and a ’76 400/4.
The RC has been a dream since they first appeared but I could never afford on at the time so ended up with a new 1100F after owning a 900F previous to that. Then a succession of CBR’s etc. No moderns in the garage now.
Anyway, hope to make some friends on here and chat about R stuff.