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Peter Hunt

Thanks Andy. Yes it is very nice, and the more I detail it and poke around the better I think it is….very happy so far.
I’ve not actually ridden it yet…grrrr…busy with work, ordered a battery, need to change the fuel, weather etc etc and a small matter of no registration has stopped me this week, but I hope to remedy that this weekend (although weather looks like being wet again..). I probably won’t be able to get it registered for a week or so as it has to be ID checked and that is 60km away from here plus I’m going away for a few days for the vjmc rally….I’m over the moon to have it in the garage but the timing for actually being able to use it hasn’t worked out well…..sigh. Torture!

I agree about the Conti’s, the bike has been parked up for a while and I’m not confident with them just based on that, and I never used Conti’s back in the 70s and 80s either, so they may get ditched in preference for newies.
On that note…what seems to be the most popular tyre choices for these?
And, does the club/forum have access to workshop manuals/owners manuals for download??