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Glenn is possibly right, or at least partially right as the cowl screws and seat unit screws were available from Honda when I last checked. This thread started with a requirement for the other two screws under the upper fairing. Anyone checked the availability of this part with Honda.

At the moment I took this to be an exercise in getting a cost for manufacture, which at some quantity is likely to be cheaper than buying from Honda. Wether
that is viable depends on the price breaks.

The other matter is that of quality. When I last bought the Honda cowl and seat unit screws a few years ago the quality was appalling. Clearly Honda just
buy these in from an OEM supplier and they don’t make em like they used to.

Buying quantity (and quality) is where our Club can act collectively for all members in getting some of these parts problems solved. It’s great that we have members
taking the intiative in doing research and getting some prices together, and also great to see there is some demand from members too.

I would like to see the Club get some structure to this “Spare Parts Development” topic and I will be asking to Club Committee to look at this so we can
all benefit from our collective buying power.

Glenn had some screws made up a few years ago with “Cross Head” drives instead of the standard “Slot” heads. Quality was much better than the
Honda parts so for those not worried about keeping things absolutely original by having the cross heads meant there was a bit of security against the nightmare
of slipping your screwdriver out and down the paintwork. Maybe Glenn still has some details of that exercise? (although prices will have changed since then.)

Another recent member initiative on Parts was Wim’s footrest rubbers. These have turned out to be excellent and a great success. In future I would like to
see more support from our Club in supporting some of these initiatives.

Comments please….. :D