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Glenn Kirkham

Hi all – Steve’s right I did get some seat cowel bolts made up – it’s actually a stainless allen key contersunk headed screw in a stainless collar machined to be the same profile as the original cowel bolts. I still have a few left at the oringinal price I paid for them – £2 each or 6 for £10 incl. UK postage. Just a reminder to all that you can make your own washers that sit underneath out of plastic milk carton very easily too.

As Steve say’s the allen key head is musch sager and an allen key takes up less room in the bike tool kit than a big slot head screw driver too as well as taking the headache/worry of the dreaded slipping screwdrive scars to the paintwork – I’d forgot about them until recently. If no one on here is interested then I’ll stick some on eBay.

Cheers.. Glenn