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i have removed the CB750 clocks that were fitted to the bike when i got it, and fitted CB900F clocks ( breakers yard ), and the oil temp gauge ( german ebay )
the steel meter bracket came from a UK forum member, the black plastic meter panel came from wout in Holland as did the mechanical tacho drive .
I have checked the cam journal clearance on the new cap, its .0025″ .the one i took off was .0035″ so there is 1 thou difference.I am assuming its ok, the manual says max clearance is .007″ but i cant find minimum clearance.
Next job i might as well check shims whilst the cam cover is off.
I also have to figure out how to connect the small lights in the back of the 900 clocks onto my 1100 harness,
the oil temp and idiot lights just plugged into the harness and works ok.I expect i will have to join some 900 wires into my 1100 harness to get the back lights to work ( without altering the 1100 harness ).
the new clocks have 43000 miles on them , i dont know the real mileage of my bike, but i think 43k is more realistic than the 11k that were on the 750 clocks.