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Got the engine apart this week. Just got it in big chunks at the moment but things don’t look too bad. The barrel is stuck of course. Had a brilliant plan to get it off, except it didn’t work. My super jig was pulling the base of all the liners and I considered the possibility that it might pull the liner. Na, no way, a 10mm threaded rod? But yes, one of the liners moved with only moderate tension on the puller. I was pulling on all four liners to distribute the load. Anyway on to plan B. Hammered a bicycle spoke flat (0.5mm), filed and worked it to scratch around at the crap down the stud holes. Some progress but she’s a slow job. I’ve managed to get 8 studs removed without too much pain, one from the circle of 4 that are the main culprits. Plan C is to drill one or two small holes in the barrel around the stud hole so that I can inject CRC and compressed air to force out the crap. Anyone tried this approach? I’d fill the holes with a filler / silastic before repainting, so you wouldn’t see it. Any thoughts good people?