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@StephenS 1517 wrote:

Decided to go for a spin today got bike out looked like rain so as I was pushing it back in to the garage hit a bump and it came off its “moovamoto” stand and smacked into the brick pillar. Now I have a thumb size dent on an other wise almost mint RC fuel tank. To say I am king annoyed would be the understatment of the century. Can anyone recommend somone/company who can fix dent and paint back to right condition.

Not a good holiday so far.

Bummer. I remember my old man forlornly telling me he had knocked my bike over when I garaged it at their house before I had a permanent home. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

I had a spare tank and intend to get the damaged one repaired sometime this year. I spoke to a local paint shop who thought it shouldn’t be a major problem – I also spoke to Dream MAchine who said they could do it without issue. They’re not the cheapest but the quality is good from memory.

Sorry to hear your news