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Two photos of the special tool. Last night, I sat down and wrote a long story to go along with the photos. As I tried to upload photos the site locked up, crashed and burnt, along with all the words. So I won’t do that again. I’ll try and do a story for the next R world, might be safer.
Anyway, the tool is a bit of Stainless tubing (about 1/2″ OD), the cut is to get the OD right. (Tube is part of a towel rack bought from the local hardware / home improvement place). File a few teeth, add handle and rotate. The teeth need to be refiled pretty regularly and the torsion twists and eventually splits the tubing. It lasted for the two main holes I had to clean out, If you were starting from scratch it may only last one hole. But it worked. I got the tool to within 10mm of the bottom, then the pulling jig (as described by others, with the cam tunnel plate) did the rest. I can give more detail if anyone needs.