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    Stephen S ,

    I was looking for someone to restore my paintwork and spoke to Geoff from Geoffs classic bikes who recommended motopaint.

    They are also recomended on this site & can do our Gold covers as well.


    Called them and had a chat and certainly seem to know their stuff and very reasonably priced as well.

    I am booked in for january.

    Hope that helps,




    today i have removed my front wheel ( i had to saw the back of my stand off because the back of the front tyre was catching on it )
    to fit the new avon tyre.
    I also decide to change the fork oil, i removed both drain plugs ,but could only get the oil out of one side ! 230ml
    My plan is to put it back together and pump the full weight of the bike up and down on the forks, hopefully this will unblock it, otherwise the forks will have to go to a suspension shop.I also noticed my pre-load doesnt seem to have a stop, it just seems to click round continiously, any ideas ?

    ps. should it be 396ml of oil in each leg ?



    If you’re off the road for the winter, I’d be tempted to pull the forks and do a proper strip and rebuild. It really is quite simple, I’m a complete mechanical doofus but even I found it straightforward. Simple case if you’ve got out those stubborn allen bolts in the leg bottom. I was amazed at how knackered my bottom bushes were, but rebuilding it all was a piece of cake… honestly.


    Another RC almost ready.
    Made his first test run today.
    Bike is running ok but it,s to cold outside and there is salt on the dutch roads.
    Have to wait a few months for the first ride out.


    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Wout
    The fuel tanks on the standard bikes were White and Red and a bit bigger than that one………Well done mate, looking good.


    @SteveB 1734 wrote:

    Today i have bought a brand new old stock 1100RD electronic tacho still in original box.
    when it arrives i from Germany i will put photo on.

    here it is, brand new in original box ,its beautiful ,a work of art.
    But now i find myself sat on the horn of a dilema , should i put it on my bike or shall i frame it and put it on display.
    the mechanical one works fine , putting a brand new part on my well worn bike is like polishing a turd !
    I also have to try and explain to the family why i cant afford xmas presents this year !


    click on pic for big view


    Movement at last!!! I was hoping for a barrel on the bench, but I’ll take something over nothing.
    It’s only on one side, so a bit more digging around two studs at the other end should do the trick. Maybe.



    I don’t know if you belong to the cb1100f.net site also, but this thread may be of interest to you


    All the best




    Forget that last post mate, just saw that you had posted on that thread.



    My barrel is off!! Hoo- bloody- ray. I’ll put some pics up tonight of my special (** patent pending**) tool. I used it to clear out the holes prior to pulling the sucker off.


    Nice one Brian… looking forward to seeing the patented tool.



    I had a good weekend with my rebuild too…

    Managed to get the carbs on, all properly seated with new rubbers and clamps (replaced the standard crosshead bolts with some little allen bolts – I know its not original but they are so much easier to access and tighten properly) and I even managed to remember to plumb the throttle cables in this time too. I also cleaned and repainted the headlamp bowl and surrounding hardware, stripped, cleaned and repainted the temp gauge, speedo and rev counter (put the glass in the ultrasonic cleaner and it came up a treat), rebuilt the front master cylinder and got the clip ons in place.

    So now its a case of getting the repaired loom finished up and I might be getting close to a start up.

    Painted tank should be back next week too… pics will follow I promise




    Two photos of the special tool. Last night, I sat down and wrote a long story to go along with the photos. As I tried to upload photos the site locked up, crashed and burnt, along with all the words. So I won’t do that again. I’ll try and do a story for the next R world, might be safer.
    Anyway, the tool is a bit of Stainless tubing (about 1/2″ OD), the cut is to get the OD right. (Tube is part of a towel rack bought from the local hardware / home improvement place). File a few teeth, add handle and rotate. The teeth need to be refiled pretty regularly and the torsion twists and eventually splits the tubing. It lasted for the two main holes I had to clean out, If you were starting from scratch it may only last one hole. But it worked. I got the tool to within 10mm of the bottom, then the pulling jig (as described by others, with the cam tunnel plate) did the rest. I can give more detail if anyone needs.


    This is what i did in this long winter.
    Build a complete engine for the RD because this bike had a F engine in his frame tubes.
    The RC also has a R engine now, i found this bike with a cb750F engine with special race parts inside.
    Bikes are both rebuild complete and will have both new painted bodywork.
    I,m a proud and happy R-owner again.



    Again??? :D

    How many is that you own now Wout?

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