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    Took my barn find (April 2016), CB1100RC on its first good ride today, to Woodford Qld, to meet other VJMC members.No history of it ever being registered in its life, so probably its first road experience with 28,000klm on the clock,
    bike performed faultlessly on a great day.




    Finally bit the bullet and put two new Bridgestone hoops on the R. I looked at the old Dunlops when I started the rebuild in early 2011 and thought they will do. Got it on the road in mid 2014 and thought they will still do. Now mid 2017 I realised how old and crappy they were (actually cracky is a better description). It should feel a little more secure during corners I think.


    Some TLC before season start. New spocket, chain,tires, new pistons and seals for calipters, and some paint on lower fairing.[ATTACH=CONFIG]1847[/ATTACH]


    When does the Season get started for you in Torvastad Terje ? Pity the ferry from Newcastle to Haugasund doesn’t run these days. All the north sea ferries to Scandinavia from the UK disappears years ago. Was a nice ride from the West coat of Norway east across the mountains when I last took that ferry back in 2006 .


    Hello SteveG
    so you have been in my hometown Haugesund ��
    I heard they maybe will start with ferry again, but know not when. Season start like UK…about mars/april

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Andy, I believe that Keith Goodman has the solution – full crank, rods and pistons balance.. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 256 through 261 (of 261 total)
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