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Not technically today, but recently.
The engine is going together nicely, I’ve got the crankcases together, the barrel is on, getting ready for the clutch. Looking good.
So it is on the bench, inverted and I pack up for the night. The cover to put over it wasn’t quite the right size so I put a heavy plastic bag lengthwise over it and a towel across it.
Next morning a short sharp hailstorm followed by rain. No call from the missus to say the house is wet inside, so it’s all good.
That evening I go to the shed to get tools for another small task, that’s odd – the tools are wet – so is the bench ABOVE the engine – so is the towel ON the engine!!!!! Crap, the shed roof leaked. Fortunately the plastic bag under the towel saved the engine from a soaking. The 1100R god smiled on me today.

Keep calm and carry on, as they say.