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So she is finished . Last autumn the braking system was completely overhauled . The paintwork was what let her down . I don’t think Honda built it to last 10 years , let alone 30 years. Its now been completely re-done paying specific attention to getting the colours right and also the right depth of colour, as that’s the real skill. A new saddle completes the job. I think its as far as I am going to go with her as I think its as good as you are going to get a bike without going to museum/bling collection quality, and actually I really don’t think she is that far off that anyway. Underneath the body she was in superb condition so it was just the skin that needed attention. Today went for a quick 25 mile blast, via the local bike garage MOT station. 3 people asked ………..Is it for sale ? Not today sorry. They do attract attention wherever they go. Anyway, now she rides, stops and looks like she should. Some pics for you to look at.