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yesterday (1st august ) i did a trackday at Cadwell park on the RB, The weather was perfect all day, I was in the superbike group.
the bike held its own in the twisty bits all day , but struggled down the 2 straights , the Avon AM26 tyres are excellent, gripping right to the edges, I almost ground through the underside of the pipe.
the only issue i had was the bike just wouldnt rev past 8k. ( I THINK 8K ,but not sure because the rev needle snapped off in the 1st session)
I am hoping its the exhaust pipe to blame because the the easiest thing to replace.
pics to follow and maybe another story in the mag.
On saturday i stayed to watch , I watched and spoke to Carl on his 1100R , unfortunatly he got some very bad weather.